Superior equipment makes a superior Laundromat

If you own or operate a Laundromat, you know that having coin operated machines and superior service can keep customers coming back. Start by selecting from brand names like Maytag, Whirlpool and Dexter, then add to it over 80 years of experience, and the result will be Mac-Gray. Since 1927, Mac-Gray has been the premier supplier for coin operated machines for Laundromats across the US. With a full inventory of commercial laundry equipment parts and full line up of coin and card operated machines, Mac-Gray will help you build your superior Laundromat.

caribbean operated machines   caribbean operated machines
Caribbean Laundromat Machines   Maytag Coin Op Machines


Coin operated machines: Your silent partner in driving revenues

Coin operated machines of poor quality can drive away customers. And when your customers go away, so do your revenues. Having the confidence that your coin op machines will not only function when needed, but will function properly is a key to success in the Laundromat business. With Mac-Gray, you not only can get the best names of coin operated washing machine manufacturers, but you also get the backing of our 80 plus years of industry experience.

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The Laundry Cafe Laundromat   Humboldt Street Laundry Machines


Saving you money in more than one way

Not only are our coin operated machines competitively priced, but most have achieved the Energy Star Compliancy Rating. That means that not only will you pay a great price for you coin operated machines, but that they will save you on your energy costs every time a customer drops their coins and starts their wash.

Also view Mac-Gray's card operated laundry machines.

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