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To ensure the best commercial dryers for your laundry program, we partner with top companies like Maytag, Speed Queen, Dexter and more. Count on us to deliver commercial dryers that combine the latest advances in efficiency, durability and design. As an Energy Star® Partner, we specialize in the latest high-efficiency commercial dryers that minimize energy usage and drying time. They can cut your gas and electricity usage significantly. You can also benefit from VentSnake,™ our advanced process for cleaning laundry dryer vents. It can help you reduce drying times and CO2 emissions through proper dryer venting and airflow. And because it cleans from outside the building, dryers never need to be turned off, and the laundry room is not disrupted in any way. When you work with Mac-Gray, you get a whole lot more than great commercial dryers and washers. You get a partner committed to your success, and all the expertise and services you need to achieve it.

Mac-Gray provides commercial dryer parts and equipment to meet your business needs:

  • Equipment
  • Single Dryers
  • Stackable Dryers
  • Stack Washer Dryers
  • Laundromat Dryers
  • Brands
  • Maytag
  • Dexter
  • Whirlpool
  • Speed Queen
  • Industry
  • Apartments/Multi-housing
  • Laundromats
  • On-Premises Laundry
  • Academic

Laundromat business owners can potentially double their dryer income by eliminating dryer pockets in the same floor space as one single-load dryer. Mac-Gray's commercial dryers are reliable, robust and equipped with many features to benefit your laundry business.

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Mac-Gray's industrial dryers are built specifically for heavy commercial laundry usage. We supply only the most dependable, high quality equipment such as Maytag, Dexter, Speed Queen who are the leaders in the industry offering ENERGY STAR® machines with many personalized cycles. Our equipment generates more revenue for multi-housing owners due to the choice of equipment, reduced energy consumption, quality and speed of service.

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