Commercial Front Load Washers That Put You Ahead of the Pack

The commercial laundry business is a tough and competitive business. To be successful, you need every advantage on your side. That’s why for over 80 years, successful owners and operators have chosen Mac-Gray as their supplier for commercial front load washers.

Front Load Washer model MAH22PR   Front Load Washer model MFR30PN   Front Load Washer model MAH22PD   Front Load Washer model MFS35PD
MAYTAG® Front Load Washer
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  Rigid-Mount Front Load Washer
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  High-Efficiency Front Load Washer
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  Soft-Mount Front Load Washer
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A Partner to help you stay in front of the pack

Maytag, Dexter, Whirlpool and SpeedQueen, Front Load WashersJust having the top brand names in commercial front load washers is one thing. Having the expertise, experience and an inventory of commercial front load washer replacement parts is what puts Mac-Gray in a league of our own. With brand names like Maytag, Dexter, Whirlpool and Speed Queen, you can be certain that partnering with Mac-Gray for your commercial front load washers means that you get nothing short of the best. And with Mac-Gray’s legendary customer support team, you have the right team behind you keep you out in front of the pack.

80 years old and still getting stronger

No one makes it in the commercial front load washer business without having a company wide commitment to excellence and improvement. With Mac-Gray, you’ll experience for yourself what our dedication to service excellence feels like. And you’ll know for yourself, just like our many customers do, that choosing Mac- Gray for your commercial front load washers was a decision that only gets better with age.

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