To keep your business in the game, you need quality commercial laundry equipment

stacked washer dryerTechnology changes everything. That includes the commercial laundry industry. Whether you are looking to launch a new commercial laundry business or service or need to refresh your commercial laundry equipment, Mac-Gray has the experience, knowledge and the cutting edge commercial laundry equipment technology you need.

Going green is more than turning off some lights

Energy Star and Mac-Gray: Working together to save energy, protect the environment and save you money.

Commercial laundry equipment that isn’t Energy Star Rated is costing you money by running less efficiently. And with the public choosing “Green” providers over those who prefer business as usual, going “green” with your commercial laundry equipment is more important than ever. Mac-Gray carries the best of the best in the commercial laundry equipment industry. With Energy Star compliant brand names like Maytag, Whirlpool and Dexter, and an impressive choice of models and features, Mac-Gray can not only be your competitively priced commercial laundry equipment supplier, but also your partner in your green initiatives.

The trusted source since 1927

A company doesn’t stay in business for over 80 years by being lucky. It happens by a tireless dedication to excellence. That focus to excellence can be found in every Mac-Gray employee. As the recognized leader in commercial laundry equipment, we know that we need to not only provide quality commercial laundry equipment at competitive prices, but that we need to have a full inventory of commercial laundry equipment parts and that we back everything up with outstanding customer service.

You have choices

We know that we aren’t the only game in town. And we also know why our customers have chosen us over every other supplier in the commercial laundry industry: They chose us, and continue to choose Mac-Gray because of our experience, our expertise and our commitment to excellence!

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