In the Laundromat business, controlling waste is a full-time job

Waste comes in many forms in the Laundromat business. It comes in the form of waste water and in comes from Laundromat washers and dryers that are not Energy Star® Compliant. It comes in the form of lost revenue when your Laundromat equipment requires replacement parts. And waste comes in lost time spent searching for a vendor who knows the Laundromat business as well as anyone knows any other business.

Since 1927, Mac-Gray has helped reduce waste in the Laundromat business

Our impressive line of Laundromat machines, by manufacturers like Maytag, Dexter, Whirlpool and Speed Queen, are Energy Star Compliant: saving you money on energy and waste-water costs. We have a fully stocked warehouse of high quality commercial laundry replacement parts: saving you from the hassles of dealing with cheap, low-value replacement parts. Mac-Gray has the expertise gained from over 80 years as a supplier for the Laundromat business: saving you time instead of searching for the premier vendor. And Mac-Gray delivers everything; the best brand names, the highest quality replacement parts, and over 80 years of experience ready to be shared with you, all at competitive pricing.

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Laundromat business grand opening Whether you’re new to the Laundromat business or a seasoned veteran, we invite you to call or email us for a quote or for more information.

You’ll see for yourself why, for over 80 years, Mac- Gray has been the premier partner for those committed to success in the Laundromat business.

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