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Laundromat Card Payment Systems

Making commercial laundry high tech.

Card payment systems helps laundromat owners and its customers eliminate the day-to-day issues related to starting machines with coins. Laundromat customers love the convenience of starting machines with a card, instead of inserting quarters.

For laundromat owners, a card payment system takes store management to the next level. There are no more quarters to deal with, saving owners hours of collecting, sorting and transporting heavy coins. By simply unlocking the cabinet, collecting a stack of bills, and printing a receipt, owners collect their money in minutes instead of hours.

Benefits of laundromat card systems at a glance:

  • Convenience - no more collecting quarters
  • Improved Revenues - allows smaller, more frequent vend increases
  • Customer Loyalty - ease of use and value left on card keep customers coming back, no searching for quarters
  • Flexible Pricing - allows regulation of peak time usage with premium pricing
  • Safety - eliminates theft from coin boxes

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