Change Point - Digital laundry is here.

Change Point®

The Next Generation in Laundry Payment

Change Point is a revolutionary Internet based laundry payment and monitoring system, incorporating patented technology and proprietary features to ensure 100% revenue accountability, increased resident satisfaction, and more.

  • Offers payment options of credit card, debit card, or coin.
  • The only payment system that is available with a choice  of “central payment” or “pay at machine” architecture.
  • The only payment system that is equipped with LaundryView® monitoring, providing unique benefits for both residents and property management.

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Property Management Benefits:

  • Increased laundry revenue
  • Access to LaundryView® reporting
  • Increased resident satisfaction
  • Reduced issues with cash on site

Resident Benefits:

  • Payment convenience (Ability to pay with credit card, debit card, or coin)
  • Less machine downtime
  • Access to LaundryView® monitoring
  • Text message when cycle is done