Multi-Housing Laundry Services

Multi-housing Program Options

With a range of flexible program options, Mac-Gray has the right solution for you.

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Lease Program

No hassles, just profits.

This is the option preferred by most property owners/operators. After all, managing your own laundry program can be a very big job. Counting coins. Keeping up with liability insurance. Bonding your employees. These kinds of hassles can waste time and drain profitability from your program. So let Mac-Gray manage everything for you - from installing new high-efficiency equipment to collecting coins and providing award-winning service. We’ll audit all collections quickly and accurately, and put your mind at ease by taking on all insurance and liability issues. We simply pay you a commission based on the gross revenue generated from the laundry equipment. Our lease program is all about making your life easier - and your program more profitable.

Key benefits

  • Increased net operating income
  • Full service and maintenance
  • Lower water, sewer and utility bills
  • Improved resident satisfaction

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Service & Maintenance Program

You purchase, we service.

With this option, a Mac-Gray representative will help you purchase the equipment best suited to your needs. You will be responsible for collections, and all funds collected are yours to keep. We will take care of all service and maintenance. Mac-Gray will provide regular preventive maintenance to keep machines in top shape. When service issues arise, our highly trained technicians and advanced communication technologies will ensure a fast, dependable, effective response.

Key benefits

  • Full service & maintenance
  • 100% control of coin box
  • Reduced machine downtime
  • Improved resident satisfaction

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Rental Program

Pay a low monthly fee, keep all collections.

If you prefer to rent your equipment, Mac-Gray will install new high-efficiency laundry machines at your property for a low monthly fee. All repairs and replacement parts will be covered under our award-winning service program. You will be responsible for collections, and all money you collect from the program is yours to keep.

Key benefits

  • No capital expenditure
  • Full service and maintenance
  • 100% control of coin box
  • Terms as short as 12 months
  • Low monthly rent

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In-Unit Rental Program

Increase your revenue potential

This option allows Property Owners to lease machines directly from Mac-Gray as additional revenue potential. We will install name brand equipment directly into the rental units and residents can have the satisfaction of maintenance free laundry. With full size or stackable machine options, Mac-Gray will work with the property to satisfy all your laundry needs. It’s an easy value-added amenity!

Property Benefits

  • Additional revenue potential
  • Value-added amenity for your residents
  • Service and maintenance free
  • Competitive monthly rental rates
  • Costs can be built into the monthly rent
  • Dependable name brand products

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Self-Managed Program

Control what you want, outsource the rest.

If you prefer to manage your own laundry room, Mac-Gray can provide any level of support you need.

Equipment Buyout

We will pay cash for your existing equipment, and upgrade you to new high-efficiency washers and dryers that increase your program’s profitability.


Want relief from the burden of monthly collections? Let us handle it, and enjoy peace of mind that your laundry revenue is fully accounted for.


Let us provide the industry’s finest service for your laundry room. Mac-Gray is a multiple recipient of The Maytag Red Carpet Service Excellence award, which recognizes the excellence of our service technicians and the high level of care we deliver.

Key benefits

  • Cash buyout of your old equipment
  • Lower water, sewer and utility bills
  • Transparent collections
  • Dependable service

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Digital laundry is here. Learn more about the Mac-Gray Change Point Laundry Center.

Multi-Hosuing Laundry Equipment

Energy-Efficient Equipment

As an Energy Star® Partner,
Mac-Gray specializes in the latest high-efficiency equipment that can potentially save you thousands of dollars each year in water, sewer and energy bills. Count on us to deliver the optimal equipment for your business needs, regardless of the manufacturer.

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