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Intelligent Laundry® Systems

Our commitment to technology gives you an edge every day.

Mac-Gray incorporates custom technologies into every aspect of our business. And every innovation is designed to improve the laundry experience for you and your residents.The systems and amenities created by our in-house technology group raise our laundry programs well above the ordinary – and will do the same for your profits. These technologies allow us to deliver unrivaled financial transparency, service response, online monitoring, card payment systems, call center support, and more. Click below to learn more.

Client Extranet

View your financial information whenever you want.

With our client extranet site, you get secure access to all your financial and service information anytime. Our proprietary software delivers unrivaled accountability for real peace of mind. In fact, it’s the most advanced reporting tool in the industry. You or your administrators can view and download a report of all collections and commissions payments, updated daily. You can also receive a comprehensive report of all service requests, including location, date and time of request, type of equipment and problem, requestor comments, and date and time of resolution. It’s all at your fingertips, 24/7. No other laundry provider offers this kind of transparency.

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The most advanced monitoring system in the laundry industry has now gone mobile!

The LaundryView DifferenceLaundryView® provides reporting benefits for Mac-Gray’s clients and unparalleled convenience to the residents using the equipment.

Property Management Benefits

  • Improves utilization of laundry room to increase revenue
  • Increases resident satisfaction
  • Provides 100% accountability
    • Revenue: All card and coin transactions
    • Collections: Revenue reconciliation with each collection
    • Payments: Complete history, current and prior year
    • Service: Complete history, current and prior year

Resident Benefits

  • Allows residents to check washer and dryer availability online and with web-enabled phones
  • Hourly usage reports help residents plan the best time to do their laundry
  • Offers notification when cycles are complete
  • Detects machine failures to automatically request service

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Easier service requests, faster response time.

LaundryLinx™ is a proprietary, Web-based system that provides a customized, easy-to-use method of requesting service. It ensures 100% service report accuracy because each request goes directly into Mac-Gray’s service system – without re-entering or interpretation by a dispatcher. This prevents delays common to systems that rely on e-mail or phone requests. Technicians are automatically dispatched using Mac-Gray’s TechLinx™ system, which results in faster response. LaundryLinx™ also tracks each service request, and generates two e-mail notifications when a request is entered in. The first is a time-stamped reply with a tracking number acknowledging the service request; the second confirms the problem has been resolved.

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Get the fastest possible response to your
service requests.

TechLinx™ provides an immediate, direct link to Mac-Gray technicians in the field – wherever they may be. The system uses proprietary software and wireless technology to deliver automatic dispatch, technician assignment, service van inventory tracking and appointment scheduling. Service requests, in the form of text messages, are sent directly to technicians’ Nextel phones, ensuring immediate communication and the fastest possible response. For service requests made via the Internet, TechLinx™ also notifies customers from the laundry room site as soon as the problem has been resolved.

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It cleans dryer vents from the outside –
no service disruptions.

An advanced process for cleaning laundry dryer vents, VentSnake™ offers several important advantages. Because it cleans from outside the building, dryers never need to be turned off, and the laundry room is not disrupted in any way. VentSnake™ uses high-pressure air jets that clean vents more thoroughly than a brush can, so maximum airflow is maintained longer. And it’s capable of cleaning dryer vent runs up to 500 feet – far longer than what’s possible with brush systems. Plus, it handles difficult turns and long runs easily and safely. Best of all, it does all this without technicians ever setting foot in your laundry room; users will never know maintenance is in progress.

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Card Payment Systems

More convenience for your residents,
more revenue for you.

Our card-operated payment systems provide significant benefits to your residents and your property. Smart Cards are used like cash and refillable at a Card Value Center, which accepts both cash and charge cards to add value to residents’ cards. Independent studies show that residents prefer the ease and convenience of "coinless" laundry. As a result, Smart Card programs increase usage and overall program satisfaction. And that means more profits for you. Smart Cards also improve revenues by allowing you to make smaller and more frequent vend increases, and regulate peak time usage with premium pricing. In addition, Smart Cards eliminate theft from coin boxes and service calls due to jammed coin slides.

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Digital laundry is here. Learn more about the Mac-Gray Change Point Laundry Center.

Multi-Hosuing Laundry Equipment

Energy-Efficient Equipment

As an Energy Star® Partner,
Mac-Gray specializes in the latest high-efficiency equipment that can potentially save you thousands of dollars each year in water, sewer and energy bills. Count on us to deliver the optimal equipment for your business needs, regardless of the manufacturer.

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