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Powerful benefits your residents will appreciate.

More than any other laundry company, we’ve built our success around technologies and services proven to enhance communities and increase resident satisfaction. Sometimes the benefits are easy to see, such as Smart Card systems that provide unrivaled convenience, and our LaundryView® system that allows residents to monitor machines from their PCs. Other benefits are less obvious but just as important, such as high efficiency machines let residents do more laundry in less time, and service technologies that ensure faster response to keep machines up and running. They all add up to a superior laundry experience for your residents. That’s how we’ve earned awards like the Outstanding Multifamily Partner Award at the 2010 Broadband Properties Summit. It recognizes our ability to improve services for residents while increasing income for property owners – just the kind of win-win we specialize in.

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Digital laundry is here. Learn more about the Mac-Gray Change Point Laundry Center.

Proprietary Technologies

Proprietary Technologies