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When you work with Mac-Gray, you can rest assured that all repairs and replacement parts will be covered under our award-winning service program. With our commitment to superior technician training and advanced technologies, you always receive a prompt and professional response to your service needs. In fact, you can get your service request to our field technician in just minutes through our proprietary LaundryLinx™ system. Or you can make your request through our Customer Care Center. Either way, local technicians trained by the manufacturers will arrive in vehicles stocked with original equipment. They’ll resolve your issue quickly and completely, and we’ll send you an e-mail when the work is done. Whatever your service expectations, we make it our goal to surpass them every time.

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Digital laundry is here. Learn more about the Mac-Gray Change Point Laundry Center.

Mac-Gray is a multiple winner of the Maytag Red Carpet Service Excellence Award.

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