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LaundryView® Awarded Patent for Equipment Diagnostic Service Feature

January 23, 2009

Mac-Gray Corporation (NYSE: TUC) announced that its LaundryView(TM) monitoring system was granted a patent for technology that enables the system to provide diagnostic information on all connected washers and dryers. This key LaundryView(TM) feature distinguishes it from other systems that only provide machine availability information. It allows LaundryView(TM) to detect unreported problems and issue a service call to the technician responsible for maintaining that particular account, without the need of any intermediate person.

"LaundryView(TM) leads all other laundry monitoring systems on the market today, and we believe it is important to protect our intellectual property," said Phil Emma, Mac-Gray's Executive Vice President, Operations. "The in-house development of LaundryView(TM) reflects our R&D capabilities, as well as a deep understanding of laundry customers' needs. Working with our college and university partners at some of the more than 500 campuses we serve, we identified a need to address situations where service was required, but had not yet been reported by students. LaundryView(TM) fully addresses that challenge by getting equipment problems solved quickly. Going forward, LaundryView(TM) will play an important role in enhancing the level of service that Mac-Gray provides to schools where the system is installed."

LaundryView(TM) technology was recently recognized at the prestigious Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange (MITX), at which LaundryView(TM) Lite won the award for best mobile technology.

"The MITX award was another indication of the superiority of the LaundryView(TM) product," continued Emma. "Mac-Gray understands student needs and is continually developing the most advanced solutions for this tech savvy group. We allow them to access and communicate with our system in the manner they prefer and without storing any of their personal information."

LaundryView(TM) is currently installed in more than 2,000 laundry rooms at colleges and universities served by Mac-Gray and other providers. The system connects laundry machines to the Internet and allows students to check the availability of washers and dryers from a computer or cellular device. It also allows students to use its Text Me Alerts(TM) feature to request and receive text messages when their laundry is done. Text Me Alerts(TM) is the only laundry notification system of its kind that does not require pre-registration or a profile that links notification to payment information. LaundryView(TM) and Text Me Alerts(TM) have become such an important part of campus life that in a recent survey, more than 95% of students indicated that they use the system multiple times each month. The same survey, conducted among more than 1,600 students, also demonstrated a 13 to 1 preference for text notifications as the means of receiving alerts.

"LaundryView(TM) is designed to maximize student satisfaction with the campus laundry program. It combines patented technology that helps keep the laundry equipment running efficiently with proprietary communication technology that students love," concluded Emma.

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