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Mac-Gray Campus Solutions Celebrates Earth Day with Launch of Year-Long Environmental Awareness Campaign

April 22, 2009

WALTHAM, Mass., April 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Mac-Gray Campus Solutions is launching its Clean & Green Vision awareness campaign in conjunction with Earth Day. The campaign is aimed at college students nationwide with the objective of making them more informed about water conservation and its importance.

Mac-Gray Campus Solutions, a division of Mac-Gray Corporation, provides laundry facilities management services to more than 500 colleges and universities. Mac-Gray has been committed to lowering water and energy consumption through the installation of high-efficiency washers since it introduced the first generation of them to the academic market in 1992.

Mac-Gray Campus Solutions is conducting its "Celebrate Earth" student outreach program through LaundryView(R), the Company's proprietary online laundry room monitoring system. LaundryView is installed in over 2,000 laundry rooms and has the potential to reach nearly 400,000 students to educate them about conservation and preserving the environment. LaundryView asks students how they save water and reduce energy consumption throughout the year. In exchange for their participation, students will receive a "Celebrate Earth" t-shirt, which will encourage dialogue with other students on the subject.

In addition to the "Celebrate Earth" element, LaundryView also displays a water savings meter that maintains an ongoing tally of the number of gallons saved since 2006 in all laundry rooms where high-efficiency washing machines have been installed by Mac-Gray. To date, the Company has saved more than 1.5 billion gallons of water and has set a goal of achieving water savings of 500 million gallons annually.

"Thousands of students visit each month, making it an excellent forum to convey valuable messages about energy and water conservation to the students who use our machines," said Stewart MacDonald, Chairman and CEO of Mac-Gray.

Mac-Gray Campus Solutions will employ a variety of methods to raise awareness about the importance of making environmentally-sound decisions in the laundry room and throughout campus. Components of Mac-Gray's Clean & Green Awareness campaign include:

Mac-Gray's Clean & Green Vision web site - launched in 2008 as an educational resource for those wanting to operate environmentally-responsible laundry programs
Clean & Green signage, which offers tips on eco-friendly laundering habits, posted in campus laundry rooms
Participation in campus and community sustainability fairs
Eye-catching, hybrid service vehicles on campus, each displaying environmentally themed graphics
Email campaigns to remind students about the importance of conservation every day, not just on Earth Day

"We are seizing an opportunity for Mac-Gray to raise environmental awareness among students," said Kourtney Barnes, Sustainability Coordinator at Mac-Gray. "Ultimately, we believe the whole world will benefit when students fully understand the impact choices made in the laundry room can have on the environment."

About Mac-Gray Corporation

Founded in 1927, Mac-Gray derives its revenue principally through the contracting of debit-card- and coin-operated laundry facilities in multi-unit housing facilities such as apartment buildings, college and university residence halls, condominiums and public housing complexes. Mac-Gray manages approximately 80,000 laundry rooms located in 43 states and the District of Columbia.

Mac-Gray also sells, services and leases commercial laundry equipment to commercial laundromats and institutions through its product sales division. This division also includes Mac-Gray's MicroFridge(R) business, where Mac-Gray sells its proprietary MicroFridge(R) line of products, which are combination refrigerators/freezers/microwave ovens utilizing innovative Safe Plug circuitry. MicroFridge(R) and Maytag products bear the ENERGY STAR(R) designation. To learn more about Mac-Gray, visit the Company's website at

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Sheffield Halsey
Vice President, Marketing
Mac-Gray Corporation

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