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Mac-Gray Campus Solutions Celebrates Earth Day by Challenging Students to "Green Your Laundry Routine"

April 22, 2011

In recognition of Earth Day 2011, Mac-Gray Campus Solutions, a division of Mac-Gray Corporation has launched its 4th annual student environmental awareness initiative, which challenges students to “Green Your Laundry Routine.” 

Mac-Gray Campus Solutions provides laundry services to students on more than 600 campuses and takes a proactive approach in educating students and generating awareness of environmental issues related to laundry. Students across the country were encouraged to participate by viewing a short animated video outlining 11 easy ways to incorporate green laundry techniques into their routine on Earth Day and throughout the year. In exchange for their pledge, the first 5,000 student respondents were given a “Green Your Routine” t-shirt, which will also help raise awareness among their classmates each time it is worn. 
Thousands of students on over 1,300 campuses nationwide were reached by the initiative, with more than 7,500 pledging to “green” their laundry routine, which will likely translate into significant water and energy savings and an improved understanding of eco-friendly laundry practices.   The “Green Your Routine” video highlights easy, yet meaningful ways students can help reduce the environmental impact of laundry. Tips include selecting cold water wash cycles, using the proper dose of HE detergent and cleaning the dryer lint screen to maximize airflow and efficiency.
“Through our various surveying efforts and targeted environmental initiatives throughout the year, we know that students are passionate about sustainability and we look forward to our dialog with students in celebration of Earth Day each year,” commented Director of Sustainability Initiatives, Kourtney Barnes. 
“Educating students on the importance of considering the environment in all of the choices they make, including those made in the laundry room, helps to ensure our future leaders and neighbors understand how to preserve our planet for generations to come,” said Stewart G. MacDonald, Mac-Gray’s chief executive officer.   
Mac-Gray’s commitment to educating students reaches far beyond Earth Day with ongoing sustainable offerings such as Lighten the Load™ carbon neutral campus laundry rooms, student outreach programs and educational support, which includes in-room signage and decals and various electronic communications utilizing email and social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, and of course providing high-efficiency machines that save more than 600 million gallons of water annually.
MacDonald concluded, “It remains a top priority at Mac-Gray to continue to remove inefficient top-loading washers and to replace them with Energy Star® rated machines that will reduce water and energy consumption in all of the laundry rooms we manage for our partners.”

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